Panazzi ad

The first thing that I did think when I saw the ad was just honestly about speghetti.  I do agree that the ad did make me hungry for speghetti.  I don’t normally even eat speghetti so now I know what I am probably going to go home and have  since I have left over speghetti.  I did not right away think having dinner as a family until we talked about it in class.  That could be because I don’t have 6 chairs at my table, the kids have us down to 3 for now.  Half of us eat in the living room and half in the kitchen.  Thinking back to the ad though, it did take me back to a family gathering where we did have a family speghetti dinner when I was young.  The ad also reminded me of my Uncle who always made speghetti and mostacholi.  He always said his recipe was “top secret”.  I do think it was a good ad, I just didn’t think of it too much until people analyzed it.


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