Blog 2 analyzing images

There are many ways to analyze images.  It is important to stay focused on the image you are looking at.  As you study the image it helps to examine each part of the image.  Deconstructing an image means picking that image apart.  To do that you must look at all the fine detail.  To do that you use denotation.  Denotation is identifying and defining the elements on a basic dictionary level.  Another way is using connotation.  Connotation is linking an object with other signs and meanings.  Using connotation varys from reader to reader.  One reader could get something very different in a image than another reader.  Knowing how the objects are made up is called composition.  The framing of the picture, angles, and connections between images can help analyze the image too.  (  It is also helpful to recognize sensory descriptions.  Looking at all the shapes, sounds, color and textures of the image is important.  The content of the subject, topic, information captured in the photo determines the theme of the idea.  Knowing the dominant idea of the image helps the reader to figure out the point of what they are looking at.  As long as you stay on your focused idea, examine each part of the image, and put it all together it should help the reader to capture the main point of what you are looking at.  I think the more practice of analyzing images can also be helpful to students.  The more we look at them, the better we can become at being more observant when looking at an ad.  In class when we looked at the Panzani ad I realized how unobservant I am when I see an ad.  I could use alot of practice in this subject of analyzing images.  I hope to get better at understanding and noticing what I am seeing. 


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