Rhetorical Situation Blog #4

The image I choose is called the Compass Rose. It was taken December 15, 2011. It is titled “End of the Iraq War-Permanent Devastation.” The image shows an American solider standing infront of a huge amount of thick smoke. The audience viewing the photo can see the uniformed solider holding his weapon. The rubble on the ground shows the image as a destructive image.

The context of the image is war. The photo shows the circumstances of the situation by showing the gloom of the image. It is shown by the colors in the sky and color of the smoke. The solider with his armor and uniform shows the surrounding factors of war. The evidence shows it is war by the uniform and destruction in the photo.

The context of the image can help the audience understand war by showing the size of the smoke. Showing the solider and his gear helps the audience see the seriousness of the situation as well. On the uniform shows the American flag. That helps the audience understand who is at war as well. I know it is easy to understand war just by looking at the picture because of how the picture is taken.

The audience of the image can be anyone. I would guess the audience would be soliders, family’s of soliders, media, and americans and others following the war. Many people can be the audience for this photo. Everyone is affected by war in one way or another. It effects each in their own way.

The audience expectation given in the context is the fact of war. It is shown in a dramatic way. The image shows gloom by the colors used. It also shows the issue of war. A war that has been going on for so many years. The image shows the rubble on the ground to show destruction.

What I learned about rhetorical situation and rhetoric situation is that it is like a triangle. A person has to have purpose, an audience, and context to make the image work. Without one the image would not be seen as intended. I am going to use surrounding factors and circumstances to help get the point of the image along. I think learning about rhetorical situations will help me with this paper


2 thoughts on “Rhetorical Situation Blog #4

  1. I’m glad that you felt the exercise was useful! But don’t discount your own ideas, either, as they are really helpful! This image, as you note, shows the gloom of war, but do you also think it shows war’s glory? Or the prevalence of the American spirit in the midst of destruction? In other words, I think you have a lot to go on, especially given how this image presents a lot of traditional symbols we associate with war/glory/America. What do you think?

    Keep up the good work!

    • I am thinking I am gonna go with the gloom of war and destruction. Hope I can get enough ideas to make the paper long enough. It really does seem like a long paper. I know some of us are whiners in the class…hopefully we will get use to it, and get better at it. (for your sake, so we stop whining lol)

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