Blog post “The Pitfalls of Plastic Surgery”

The thesis statements in this reading were hard for me to find. In the first article I thought “Cosmetic surgery seems to level the playing field. But at what cost?” said what the author was trying to point out. People look at the trends and “norms” of today and try to live up to it’s potential at any cost. Media is not always helpful in making people feel good about themselves, which she brings up.

The comic strip show a lighter side but very true reality. It shows physical apperearance determines your social status. It is true that men are looked at in a greater light if they are strong and well built. The man went from scrawny to buff, giving him a famous stronger power. The realization of going from scrawny to buff in a short time is highly unlikely, but the article makes it’s point.

I thought the last article was mainly about the differences of how men and women have always worried, but men worry so much more. It is refreshing to hear that. Not to make light of that, but why should women be the ones to always worry about looks. I thought this reading was a very good example for our paper. It is making more sense each class period on how to approach this upcoming paper.


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