Blog 13

The issue I chose to write about is should people have to get a licence before becoming a parent? I care about this issue because it bothers me that anyone can become a parent but if you decide to go that route in life why then would you choose to treat your own child badly? It sickens me to read stories of men or women who abuse or harm their children. Some could say they treat their pets better than some parents treat their children. It is such a rising epidemic that I want to write about because it is important that children are treated and cared for the way they should be.

What I do know about this issue is I have read countless articles and have googled many images so it’s an obvious problem and easily found. I need to gather statics, examples, and reasons why people should have to get a licence to have children.

I believe that after reading examples of child abuse and neglect alot of people would agree with considering the idea to have parenting a licenced deal rather than a choice. Harming anyone let alone your own child pulls at the heartstrings of most people, or at least people who have a heart. I think any compassionate person could relate to this topic.


2 thoughts on “Blog 13

  1. This is an interesting question. What do you think that having a license would accomplish? I don’t say this to be mean or picky, it’s a genuine question. I ask because people get driver’s licenses, and we all know people who ignore the rules. So, how would a parenting license be different? Would it require classes about development? Maybe what we should have are mandated courses in development or child abuse prevention (put out by hospitals for women about to give birth?) Things to think about!

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