Blog 14

Szabo, Liz.  “Young melanoma patient regrets indoor tanning”.  USA Today.  JOE419308164411 (

The article talks about a young girl in highschool that tanned alot and ended up with a small cancerous mole that was melanoma.  She talks about knowing how dangerous it is to tan, but could not stop herself.  In my article I would use her example to show the serious dangers that tanning beds hold and how even young women can develop cancer, it doesn’t always take a lifetime of tanning to develop skin cancer.

Hawaleshka, Danylo &Righton, Barbara. “I will be dammed kids want to tan”.  Source:Maclean’s Vol 118 Issue 26 (

This article also explains the dangers of tanning and explains how although the dangers are out there and people know, they still will not stop tanning.  I would use this article for the statistics mainly.  They have many in the article



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